Our Milestone Project with Kerry Ingredients

We’re proud to announce that Sargent Construction Company is leading a major construction project for the Kerry Ingredients manufacturing plant in Greenville, MO. At the end of 2016, Kerry Ingredients, an international taste and ingredients company, announced a $14.2 Million investment in its Greenville, MO plant. Kerry Ingredients chose Sargent to lead the project. The new manufacturing plant that we’re building will transition the Greenville location from producing small specialty batches of liquid smoke to being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bulk liquid smoke. (Liquid smoke is used primarily for flavoring foods such as hot dogs, hams, and other meats and has a huge market in the food industry.)

We began working on the Kerry Ingredients expansion in March 2017 and are estimating completion in May 2018. As the general contractor, we’re excited to be leading the project from start to finish. Our experience and expertise in construction management along with our longstanding relationship with the Kerry Ingredients plant has set up this project for great success.

This is one of our largest projects to date, but it’s not the first time we’ve worked with the Greenville plant. We built the original facilities (for then Griffith Lab) in 1984 from the ground up and have worked on updates and remodels with their management team ever since. Having a solid relationship built on trust was a big factor in us being awarded this project for Kerry Ingredients.

Our President, Renee Sargent-Harrison really enjoys the opportunity to work with repeat customers, explaining that, “It gives us a good feeling that we’re doing a good job when people ask us to work for them again.”

Renee has been working with the plant manager at Kerry Ingredients for the past decade on ideas for expansion, and they are both excited to see a big project come to life. Some of the major features being installed during this new build include:

  • Two 75’ Truck Dumps (To understand the scope of this picture a tractor-trailer being raised up in the air at a 62-degree angle to “dump” its contents into a holding bin.)
  • Two Wet Silos with 125,000 CF storage capacity
  • Two Dry Silos each with 28,000 CF storage capacity
  • One exterior conveyor belt system that will transport sawdust up to 102 ft above the ground
  • Star Metal Buildings: Bulk Tank Loadout Building and Shaker/Conveyor Unloading Buildings
  • Calciner Building Addition (masonry block with double tee precast roof deck)
  • Truck Scale and Char Loadout System

While working on this post, I asked our Vice President, Dan Tilk, to describe what kind of work we’re doing at the site and he shared, “Everything we’re doing for Kerry Ingredients is turn-key. We’re doing the design and development work, the site and earth work, bringing in sub-contractors and making sure every piece of the project is where it needs to be. We’re handling everything from the general construction to the installation of the custom equipment for the manufacturing line.”

We’re pulling in sub-contractors from St. Louis, Springfield, Fredericktown and Park Hills to name a few. We’re also using local plumbers and rock haulers from Greenville, MO, providing jobs in their local economy. Having decades of work experience and working relationships has allowed us to find just the right people for every job on the site. Some of the subcontractors working on the project include:

  • Mechanical: Lee Mechanical of Park Hills, MO
  • Electrical: Reinhold Electric of St. Louis, MO
  • Site-Contractor: Stephens Farm of Fredericktown, MO
  • Masonry: Eddings Masonry of Bonne Terre, MO
  • MPE: Sandin Engineering of Jackson, MO
  • Structural Engineering: Toth & Associates of Springfield, MO
  • Architect: Sapp Design Associates of Springfield, MO
  • Civil Engineer: Smith & Co. of Poplar Bluff, MO

This is Mike Reinhold of Reinhold Electric’s first project with Sargent and he says, “We have done projects like this all over the country and are thrilled to join Sargent’s team to design/build this project with them.”

This project for Kerry Ingredients will be a milestone project for us. It’s brought us even closer together, allowing us to use all of our skills and everyone in the company. It’s different and challenging us in new and fun ways. Our knowledge, hard work and history have got us this far, and we can’t wait to see where our company goes next.

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