Missouri Cobalt LLC breaks ground for construction

The Madison County Mines Superfund site, owned by Missouri Cobalt LLC, breaks ground for construction after a massive clean-up removed them from the Administrator’s emphasis list. Sargent Construction Company is proud to assist in the renovation and new construction of the mines that could propose hundreds of jobs to local residents. The project began appearing in headlines in 2018. After achieving critical milestones throughout the year, they began construction in early 2019. Once the projectContinue reading

Sargent Honored by the American Legion

Sargent Construction was recently honored by American Legion Post 416 with a Certificate of Appreciation. After a devastating fire, Sargent Construction worked with members of the American Legion to rebuild. This certificate was received during a re-dedication ceremony in honor of the new building. Pictured, from left to right, is President Renee Sargent-Harrison, Commander Eric Norem, and VP of Field Operations Wilbur Leach.

Controlling Condensation

Water Has To Be The Worst Enemy For A Building Water corrodes steel. It rots wood.  It can infiltrate concrete and freeze inside, cracking the structure. One of the main tasks a building must accomplish is keeping water from weakening the materials that support it. A well-built metal building system can seal out rain-water and snow melt, but exterior moisture is only half the job.  Water vapor is always present, outside and inside the building,Continue reading