Controlling Condensation

Water Has To Be The Worst Enemy For A Building Water corrodes steel. It rots wood.  It can infiltrate concrete and freeze inside, cracking the structure. One of the main tasks a building must accomplish is keeping water from weakening the materials that support it. A well-built metal building system can seal out rain-water and snow melt, but exterior moisture is only half the job.  Water vapor is always present, outside and inside the building,Continue reading

Our Milestone Project with Kerry Ingredients

We’re proud to announce that Sargent Construction Company is leading a major construction project for the Kerry Ingredients manufacturing plant in Greenville, MO. At the end of 2016, Kerry Ingredients, an international taste and ingredients company, announced a $14.2 Million investment in its Greenville, MO plant. Kerry Ingredients chose Sargent to lead the project. The new manufacturing plant that we’re building will transition the Greenville location from producing small specialty batches of liquid smoke toContinue reading